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Origin of the brand TAHIR ZAINAB

The story begins with a beautiful marriage.


TAHIR ZAINAB's predecessor


Early twenty-first century, Mr.Tahir Muhammad and Miss.Zainab Reagina two of them met because of their fate that led to business cooperation, how did Mr. Tahir propose to Miss Zana less than 30 minutes after the initial business meeting? ! of course it didn't work. But Mr. Tahir also gave a considerable amount of action for determination and intentions , three months after the first business meeting, Mr. Tahir follows Miss Zana all the way to Taiwan for love , Made considerable life decisions and efforts, He was really touched by Miss Zana and her family! In the end, she won the favor of Miss Zana and married a couple.



***Mr. Tahir, a descendant of Afghan origin from Pakistan, Over 25 years of practical experience in gemstone cutting and repairing and specialising in the trading and processing of precious stones and ores from around the world, he also specialise in the trading and sale of precious stones and minerals from around the world.

This path began at the age of 5 with the study of a master craftsman who learned to cut and polish gemstones, After many days and nights of grinding gems and talent, the teacher promised to allow Thaxir to become a teacher at the age of seven! At the age of 10, he sets up his own workshop in Pakistan and over a period of 10 years produces numerous master cutters and trades and produces numerous precious stones. At the age of 20, Mr. Tehillim first set off for Pakistan and flew to Thailand, the world's leading gemstone processing and distribution country. The company has been based in Thailand for over 15 years and has been involved in the gemstone business since then, During these 15 years, our own mill has worked on numerous precious stones, He has also set up a shop at JTC in the famous Seelong Road, Thailand. Serving buyers and sellers from all over the world.

Over the past 25 years,Mr. Tehillim and his team of hand-trained gemstone cutters have worked on countless precious stones, secondly, the thousands of clients who come and go from all over the world with a variety of buying and selling needs for jewellery ores at JTC have created an irreplaceable level of practical experience and competence. 

Mr. Thachir has an unparalleled expertise and experience in the operation and trading of important wholesale markets in the world of gemstones, from the selection of raw gemstones to gemstone grinding to gemstone repair and renovation, as well as in the trading of raw ores, appraisals and high-end rough stones. This is a different experience from most single-store mill owners or single-store jewellery shops, so Mr. Thacher's own services are relatively comprehensive and down-to-earth.


***Miss Zana from Changhua, Taiwan, After studying architecture, she went to the Middle East and Africa on his own to set up her own business! Hunting for precious minerals, whether in the mountains or in the seas, in the past 7 years, Ms. Zana has established companies in Egypt, Pakistan and China, specializing in the development and wholesale of precious stones and international bulk trade.


Cairo, Egypt First to set up a company and factory to export quartz sand and precious ores in bulk containers to the world, After 5 years in Egypt, Miss Zana's second company factory is located in the heart of the world in Pakistan and Afghanistan, engaged in the development and export of diversified mining areas. Traces of gemstones are beginning to be found in excavated areas in Pakistan and other countries in the Middle East!

As a developer of raw materials for bulk stone materials, Ms. Zana is not at all familiar with gemstones, But the locals think it is because of Miss Zana's hard work and the way she treats every stone that she touches God, that's why you can dig for gems that you might not find in a lifetime. The new stone quarry that she wanted to develop and dig was the source of the precious stones, So Miss Zana set out on the path that God had laid out for her!


As the love between Mr. Thaxill and Ms. Zana led to the brand「 Tahir Zainab」born. In the spring of 2016, they opened 'Tahir Zainab' first jewellery academy and gemstone boutique in Taiwan. 


By 2022, we will have a global footprint


Shops in Taiwan offering wholesale and retail sales and teaching on gemstone cutting and grinding 


Over 15 years of operation in Thailand with a wholesale jewellery shop and own gem cutting factory

A number of mining sites in Pakistan, as well as the wholesale offices and grinding plants of the Miners' Federation


Sri Lanka Wholesale Office   


Shenzhen, China Beijing Established wholesale office and metalworking factory


Egypt Wholesale Office 


 Tahir Zainab's original mission was to move away from a purely upstream wholesale service and to give our wholesale customers the best quality and the best prices, That's why we are constantly expanding and working hard. 

In our 7 years of operation in Taiwan, we have encountered many people along the way who want to be in the business, who can't buy and sell, or who can go to a professional school but can't really get into the business, There are even those who have been defrauded......etc. A stumbling block to the dreams of these newbie sellers! We repeat this again and again with different clients, many of whom ask whether Tahir Zainab can offer a teaching and consulting approach, It has inspired us to take on a higher calling,  Nowadays, we focus on the education sector in addition to the wholesale and retail sector!

"Making real money in the shortest possible time for those who want to be in the jewellery business" Hands on teaching, It's not just about learning the academic side of gemstones, it's about teaching you how to dry your goods, and it's about supporting the whole eco-industrial chain so you can sell without worrying. 


From 2021 to 22 years, Zana is all about training! The jewellery industry is currently in the process of transforming itself into the most international and professional jewellery gemstone e-commerce business. In the first half of the 22nd year, we expect to set up more gemstone anchors in the multinational industry chain and train more partners of Zana.


If you are interested in jewellery sales but don't know how to get into the business, you are welcome to follow in Zana's footsteps.  


Zana will teach you how to make your first bucket of money in the shortest possible time



Feel free to ask in the bottom right corner!