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To Continue Our Legacy, We Must Continue To Challenge Ourselves To Improve


一、 Company Philosophy: To lead the gemstone industry into a sustainable legacy

The uniqueness of TAHIR ZAINAB is that we are involved in the entire process of mining the gemstones and transforming them into exquisite jewellery pieces. This means that every day we experience first-hand how precious and rare natural stones are, not only to amaze the wearer, but to enchant everyone who comes into contact with them on this journey.

That is why it is our commitment, responsibility and passion to ensure that every stone we mine has a lasting positive impact on the people and places where it comes from.

We call this commitment 'sustainability' and we see it at the heart of everything we do. It is a goal that will lead us to a better future, one that is fairer, safer, cleaner, healthier, with thriving communities and a protected environment.

In the spirit of 'sustainable legacy', we have focused on the three core areas that are most important to us and our partners.

1. Leading the industry in ethical practice

We are committed to raising the ethical standards of the industry and giving people more confidence in the gemstone industry.


Our Best Practice Principles set high standards of health, safety, labour and environmental standards in the industry, ensuring that all our gemstones are conflict-free and mined in a responsible and ethical manner.

2. International Cooperation for a Prosperous Community

We continue to help increase community resilience by providing healthcare for our staff and the communities in which we operate, as well as providing high quality education services in our sponsored schools that are fit for the future, and through our enterprise development programmes, we are creating more opportunities for young people, women and reasonably sized businesses to earn a living in West Asia and Africa.

3. Equal opportunities for all

We continue to work towards providing equal opportunities for all, building a more diverse and inclusive workforce with gender equality. Working with our partners across the region, we support female micro-entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and encourage young women to enter STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).


We are also committed to increasing the diversity of the jewellery industry and providing opportunities for young and talented designers from our partner countries to showcase their talents.

4. Committed to women's entrepreneurship

Since 2021, we have been promoting women-owned micro-enterprise programmes to support women's entrepreneurship around the world.


Our three-year programme with aspiring women provides business advice, resource networks and mentoring to entrepreneurs. Following the initial success of the programme, we have set a target of helping 10,000 women micro-entrepreneurs by the end of 2030.



二、Our core culture and values

1.Main Culture

People are the key to winning


Building a compelling vision


Setting ambitious professional goals


Motivating employees to achieve higher performance Recognising individual and team contributions


Nurturing talent and passing on skills

2.Ten Values

(1) Integrity and honesty

It is the most fundamental and important concept of our company, and it is the rule that must be observed in the execution of our business. Honesty, integrity and honesty (ntegrity) are. We tell the truth. We do not exaggerate and we do not put on a show. We do not make promises to our clients lightly, but when we do, we do it at all costs. We do not make promises to our customers. We compete with our peers to the fullest extent of the law, but we do not vilify them. At the same time, we respect the intellectual property rights of our competitors. We respect the intellectual property rights of our competitors. We select and work with suppliers in an objective, honest and fair manner. We do not tolerate any competition within the company. Within the company, we do not tolerate corruption; we do not tolerate factionalism or cliques within the company; and we do not tolerate the formation of "Company Politics". Our primary criteria for hiring people are character and talent, not "connections".

(2) Creating Excellence

Challenge yourself and your team to deliver and execute with precision, learning from failures and successes.


Express enthusiasm and empathy for all clients and continue to look to the future and beyond.

(3) Internationalization

Our goal is a global market, not limited to Southeast Asia or any other region. Jewellery is an industry that transcends national boundaries, with all the major players in the world reaching out to the rest of the world. If we do not look beyond the global market to build our competitiveness, we will not be able to survive at home, let alone be competitive. Our roots are in Taiwan, but establishing a base in major markets around the world is what it means to operate internationally. In order to meet the cultural demands of international diversity, we are looking for talent regardless of nationality.

(4) Sustainable operation

We understand that running a sustainable business is like running a marathon, which requires speed, endurance and strategy, rather than a short sprint of 50 or 100 metres. As long as we can plan our long-term strategy and implement it seriously, we should not only make a long-term strategic plan for the next five years every year, but also implement long-term results and recovery to a very high degree in our daily work.

(5) Our customers are our partners

We have always positioned our customers as partners, and we do not compete with them. This positioning has been the key to our success in the past and will continue to be the key to our growth in the future, as we see our customers' competitiveness as our competitiveness, and their success as our success.


(6) Principles of Quality and Service

Every person we serve, whether inside or outside the company, is our "customer". At TAHIRZANA, quality is the responsibility of every employee. We should be committed to our duties and to the pursuit of excellence and perfection, not only to do our best in every matter and task, but also to review and improve at all times, in order to pursue and maintain "total customer satisfaction", which is the concrete practice of "quality is the principle of our work and service".

(7) Innovation and dynamism

Innovation is our lifeblood. If we stop innovating, we will soon be faced with decline and failure. We need to pursue innovation not only in technology, but also in planning, marketing and management. Naturally, it is also essential to actively build and accumulate the intellectual property of the company.


We need to keep our company dynamic and energetic, and to respond to the ever-changing nature of the industry by being proactive and efficient at all times.

(8) Challenging and fun to work with

We believe that for most of our colleagues, a challenging, continuous learning and fun work environment is more important than financial rewards. We need to work together to shape and maintain such an environment to attract and retain like-minded and best-in-class people.

(9) Open Management Model

We need to create an environment of open communication in order to establish an open management style. "Openness" means that colleagues treat each other with honesty, openness and co-operation. We will be open to ideas and willing to improve ourselves. At the same time, we will be open to ideas from all sides through brainstorming, and when decisions are made, we will be united in our efforts to work together towards a common goal, regardless of our differences.

(10) Giving back to the community

Employees and shareholders are both important components of a company. We want to provide our employees with benefits that are above average for the industry, and allow our shareholders to receive an above average return on their investment in the company. At the same time, the company's growth is also dependent on the social and industrial environment, so we must continue to do our best to give back to the community and be a good corporate citizen. As long as all of our employees adhere to the above business philosophy and put it into practice at all times, Tahirzana will continue to grow and thrive and become a world-class company that the Chinese can be proud of.