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Follow Miss Zana to the mountains to fight the tigers


1 / Miss Zana's Explanatory Meeting

If you are interested in agents and apprentices, have you seen the briefing?

Reading the presentation will definitely solve 99% of your doubts ✔️

To find out more, click on the link below to watch Giverny's live highlights

✨Click me to watch Part One !

✨Click me to watch Part Two !

✨Click me to watch Part Three !


2 / Introduction To The Agency Model

(1) Helping startups realise the value of entrepreneurship

Since its inception, the Tahirzana Gemstone Institute has been a highly profitable gemstone race to unlock the mysteries of the jewellery industry and realise the value of entrepreneurial life for all start-up entrepreneurs.

Tahirzana specialises in the mining, processing, design and sale of natural coloured gemstones in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.


(2) What you get when you join as an agent

Being an agent for Tahirzana Jewellery is a great pleasure!Here you can easily follow the company's training and pace to learn professional gemstone knowledge and sales techniques. We offer our customers the best prices on collectible rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other coloured gemstones.We offer a commitment and a legacy, the most worthwhile investment you can make, a symbol of your status.Tahirzana is committed to serving each unique gemstone find its owner with the same dedication as the gemstones we cherish.

(3) Introduction to agency levels

Agency Level

Rights Price


Team Awards

Referral Bonus

Discounts & Subs

Period Three

Shopkeeper agents





Open 10% discount license or 10% profit sharing

You can't buy it alone, but you'll get it for free with the purchase of a Light Entrepreneurship Course

Secondary Agents





10% profit on referral of fellow agents

20% discount license or 20% profit sharing

Third term second level agent, 50,000 royalty promotion, no allocation, additional order required

First Class Agents




10% profit on referral of fellow agents

Opened a 60% discount license or 40% profit sharing

3rd level agent, 500,000 royalty promotion, no allocation, additional order required


(4) Additional Notes

Join as a Level 2 Agent or Level 1 Agent and receive a complimentary Light Entrepreneurship Training Course worth $49,800!

Become a partner of Tahirzana and learn professional knowledge and sales skills at the pace of the company!



3 / Gemstone Hunters - Apprenticeship

(1) Who is the Gemstone Hunter for?

In addition to representation, Tahirzana is now open to gemstone hunter incubators

Suitable for those who do not have capital or a career, but are interested in the jewellery industry

After the course, you will be assessed by the teacher and a suitable job model will be suggested for you

Sign a three-year contract to join the company team and be directly assigned to the company's clientele for hands-on practice!

Don't worry about having no customers, follow the team's footsteps and learn about jewellery and sales step by step

(2) Quota Limits for Gemstone Hunters

Do you want to be a gem hunter Miss Zana?

The intake is limited and the pipeline will close when it is full

Not everyone has the chance to be with Giverny

This opportunity is only for those who have already made up their mind!




4 / Move Now!

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Please join the "Official Line" after registration to inform the assistant that you have filled in the application form.

Tap me to join the official Line

The assistant will be at your service as soon as possible after receiving the message!